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Custom Service for Enterprise

I can provide enterprise-class service with custom SLA and contract billing. Here're some custom services I currently provided:

  • Google Cloud Storage Acceleration
  • Self-hosted WordPress acceleration package:
    • Gravatar Proxy
    • Jetpack Site Accelerator (Formerly Photon) CDN with WebP support
    • Comments Proxy
    • Stats Proxy
    • …etc.
  • Algolia/Typesense Search API Acceleration
  • Crisp Chatbox Widget Acceleration with WebSocket support
  • Intercom Messenger Widget Acceleration
  • Embedded Tweets Acceleration
  • Managed RESTBase + Cassandra service with high availability for MediaWiki sites

Clients worked for:

OpenBayes, LeanCloud, Mobike, Shunwei Capital, Google Developers, Delicious, and others.

You can contact me via email for more information. My custom service for enterprise starts at $1,000/month or $3,000/month on-premise. I also provide consultation for foreign startups to improve their service connectivity in China, starting at $500 per hour.

Payments can be processed via Stripe or Alipay.